Three Team Members of McCaffrey Homes Reach 10 Years of Service


Three team members of McCaffrey Homes, a leading local homebuilder based in Fresno, Calif., have reached an important career milestone. Each has completed 10 years of service with the firm.

Building in California's Central San Joaquin Valley for more than 35 years and three generations, McCaffrey Homes has provided homebuyers with the American Dream of homeownership.

Christine Goff, Marketing and Website Administrator; Jason Pendergrass, Site Coordinator; and Sherri Dodd, Chief Operating Officer are marking their 10-year anniversary with McCaffrey Homes.

Each joins a group that now numbers eleven team members – nearly 40% of the 28-person company – with 10 or more years of company service. Their longstanding careers highlight one of the core values of McCaffrey Homes: family.

"It is not just that it is a family-run business," said Goff, "it's the fact that they treat you like family." That reflects the values of Karen and Robert McCaffrey, who founded the firm in 1976 and who lead it today.

Goff develops and oversees all marketing materials for McCaffrey Homes, which include the company's website and search engine optimization program as well as videos and print and online marketing tools.

"When Karen refers to the McCaffrey Homes' Family," said Goff, "she is talking about staff members, our architect, design consultants, subcontractors and our homeowners."

Jason Pendergrass performs many important roles that include customer service as well as coordinating the firm's participation in community, non-profit and company events. He also handles all front desk responsibilities for the firm's corporate headquarters.
When asked to select three words that best describe the company, Pendergrass chose "family, integrity and community."

As Chief Operating Officer, Sherri Dodd manages the strategic plan for McCaffrey Homes and ensures that company goals are met. She is also responsible for the company's communication network and policies.

When asked what she found most compelling in her career, Dodd cited a long-term, visionary project: the development of the Tesoro Viejo community. The project has been underway since she joined the firm. "From its inception, to the planning, and the ground being broken in the next couple of years," Dodd said. "It's been very fulfilling and exciting to see the team's hard work come to fruition."

Just as important as the homebuilding and community development work that McCaffrey Homes is known for are the many ways that team members come together to give back to the community. Pendergrass said participation in McCaffrey Homes' annual breast cancer awareness campaign was some of the most meaningful and fulfilling work he's done with the company.

When asked what project stood out in her years with McCaffrey Homes, Goff said, "The Grand Opening for our Madison Place community. This was the first product that I was on board for from the planning and design stages. Touring the finished models and listen to public comments was a treat for me."

It's rare for companies today to earn such long-term and valuable commitment from team members. When asked the key to success at McCaffrey Homes, Pendergrass said, "I don't think there is a secret to success. Success comes with hard work, determination and most importantly dedication. If you love and are passionate about what you do and how you do it, success comes easily."

Christine Goff agreed. "McCaffrey Homes hasn't just been building homes for generations; they have been building homes in the Central Valley for generations. They have a commitment to the people in this area and you see it in everything they do."

Karen McCaffrey offered her thanks and congratulations to all three team members. "When we started the company, I was a second-generation home builder," she said, "and that perspective shaped our thinking."

"From the earliest days, we wanted to build a place where people could flourish," McCaffrey added. "We're proud of all our team members and both we and our customers depend on them. We want to recognize and thank our ten-year veterans and wish them many more years of success in the McCaffrey Homes family"