Tesoro Viejo and Madera County Win 2016 Outstanding Planning Award


Tesoro Viejo – an upcoming master planned community in southeast Madera County – was honored with the 2016 Outstanding Planning Award in Innovation in Green Community Planning. The American Planning Association's California Central Section Chapter presented the award to Tesoro Viejo and Madera County, applauding their efforts to create and maintain a vibrant and healthy community. As a section award recipient, the community plan will next be submitted for statewide consideration. 

Tesoro Viejo is designed to lie lightly on the land, and has sought to preserve the natural and historic beauty by integrating preservation of land with people, jobs, and green infrastructure. Development will be clustered around natural features such as hillsides and streambeds, and a quarter of the plan is open space. The community is designed to be self-contained to maintain a healthy jobs-housing ratio with the goal of limiting out-commuting to reduce its carbon footprint.

"Tesoro Viejo sets new standards for our county and region," said Norman Allinder, Madera County planning director. "The plan is very environmentally responsible and does an outstanding job of connecting the community to nature and open space while enabling people to get around easily on foot and bicycle without relying on cars. Tesoro Viejo is an example of getting it right from the beginning rather than retrofitting a community later on."

Conservation and sustainability practices are being emphasized in the design and building of Tesoro Viejo, a 1600-acre master planned community located just off Highway 41, at the foot of Little Table Mountain. More than 15 miles of pedestrian and bicycle trails will connect eight villages and more than 400 acres of open space. The community will also promote health and wellness through walkable neighborhoods; neighborhood grocery stores and farmers' markets; and easy access to schools, parks, recreational facilities, health care, and civic centers to reduce vehicle usage.

Green practices also include an on-site tree nursery fostering the growth of more than 10,000 trees and local implementation of a statewide program to reduce greenhouse gases. Allergen-free trees will be planted and solar energy incorporated to provide affordable and sustainable energy use. The plan's built drainage system has been designed to recycle water for landscaping and recharge groundwater.

The Madera County Health Department and the San Joaquin River Conservancy both provided letters of support to the award nominating committee. "This award by the regional American Planning Association recognizes that the Tesoro Viejo plan creates a vibrant and healthy community for our region," said Brent McCaffrey, president of Tesoro Viejo. "It's a credit to our planning team and to the County of Madera, and we're excited about bringing the vision of Tesoro Viejo to a reality in the months ahead."

About Tesoro Viejo

Tesoro Viejo is a new master-planned community that is being developed by The McCaffrey Group and Lyles Diversified, family-owned businesses with deep roots in the Central Valley. Located just off Highway 41 in the heart of Madera's planned growth area in southeast Madera County, Tesoro Viejo is a breathtaking site of about 1,600 acres of gently rolling hills and vistas situated at the foot of Little Table Mountain.

A model of innovative design and sustainable living, Tesoro Viejo will be a vibrant hub for southeast Madera County where residents can live, work, and play with housing and business opportunities, a walkable town center, green living, thriving industry, and neighborhood parks and schools.

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