Uniting Families with McCaffrey Homes

Posted: May, 2, 2014 | Categories: Experience McCaffrey

It's all a part of the American Dream: the family, the home, and the good times to follow. Chances are you've envisioned what it looks like in the dreamy space between reality and imagination. Maybe your home has a picket fence, a charming flowerbed or a bold red door, but regardless, it's the place where you will watch your family grow and develop. As the years pass by, you will look at your house nostalgically and recall the many memories of holidays spent together, your many milestones, and the laughter you shared together under the trusty roof you call home.

But this definition of home is limited, because home is much more than just a residence; it's a place of belonging. That's why a McCaffrey home is more than the simple place where your family can be together, but the home itself fosters a sense of family unity. With their open floor plans, sense of community, and great location, McCaffrey homes do more than provide shelter, they bring families closer.

Openness is Togetherness

Exemplifying the ideal of family integrity are Josh and Jenny Mendoza, McCaffrey homeowners at The Heights at Loma Vista community.  The parents of two small children, Jenny notes that because of the open floor plan she can actually be with her children as she moves about the house. Additionally, Jenny adds that the sense of community allows her to spend time with her kids outside. “I take the kids on walks mostly every day, so it's nice to feel safe"? says Jenny “There are always families out, moms with their children, older people walking the dogs. That's one of our favorite features...just the sense of community and it being safe for us."?

From Generation to Generation

Demonstrating a different family dynamic in her McCaffrey home is seasoned homeowner Sharan Benson, McCaffrey homeowner at The Gallery in Clovis community.  She says, “I love living in this area because it's close to my mother, it's close to my children, the neighbors are awesome.€? For Sharan, the move was about finding a home in Clovis, but as she's settled in, she finds that she is able to enjoy her family for more reasons than their close proximity. The great community amenities mean Sharan can enjoy an afternoon at the park with her grandkids, age 10 and 7. “I've taken my grandchildren to the little park here and I walked with them when they were scootering around and I had a good time, I love that feature,"? Sharan reflects.

It's Time to Celebrate

For Nick Ramos and Atheena Sanchez at The Gallery in Clovis, owning a McCaffrey home has helped them bring extended family together.   Atheena is a fan of the kitchen stating, “It's my favorite part of the house because it's so open…it goes from wall to wall…and the island is right in the middle so we can entertain everybody."? They host out of town family and friends for dinner parties saying, “it's really nice and fun because of the open floor plan."?

No matter what your family looks like, we all need a place to call home, and the sense of belonging to match. From parents to grandparents to young couples, that dreamy space between reality and imagination may be a lot closer than you think. McCaffrey Homes helps people realize the American Dream more completely by building better homes and communities so you can build a better family experience. Learn more about our new home communities: The Heights at Loma Vista,  The Gallery in Clovis,  The Gallery in Fresno or The Heights on Copper

Josh and Jenny Mendoza enjoy the sense of community living at The Heights at Loma Vista.

Sharan Benson loves the community amenities at The Gallery in Clovis.

Atheena Sanchez and Nick Ramos love entertaining in their new McCaffrey home at The Gallery in Clovis.