Top 10 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home

Posted: June, 8, 2015 | Categories: Green Living

With new water reductions in effect, McCaffrey Homes knows that many Valley residents are looking for ways to conserve water. Though it may require slight adjustments to your routine, conserving water needn't be a burden. There are many small changes you can make around your home to help preserve this precious natural resource – and possibly save you money on your water bill.

McCaffrey Homes has gathered these top 10 ways to conserve water for you to try in your home:

1. Scrape dishes clean instead of rinsing them before washing. Consider starting a compost pile as an alternate method of disposing food waste.

2. Rinse fruits and veggies in a bowl of water in the sink, instead of letting the faucet run. Then use that bowl of water in your garden.

3. Switch your dishwasher to its water-saving mode, which could be called “light wash€? or “energy efficient.€? This will use up to 55% less water, while cleaning just as effectively.

4. Only wash full loads of laundry and dishes. This will save water, energy, detergent and money.

5. Take shorter showers. Cutting three minutes can save about eight gallons.

6. Place a bucket in the shower to capture overflow water. Use this water for your houseplants or garden.

7. Install low-flow showerheads that limit the flow from the shower to less than three gallons per minute.

8. Use a toilet tank displacement device such as a toilet dam, or create your own using a plastic bottle filled with water to save water every time you flush.

9. Install faucet aerators to reduce water consumption. Most can simply be screwed onto your existing faucets.

10. Check all faucets and water line connections for leaks and drips. Whether you DIY or call a plumber, this can save hundreds of gallons a year.

We hope these tips will help you conserve water during these drought conditions. It's amazing how these few small changes can add up to major water savings throughout the year.

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Saving water can save you money on your water bill.

Low-flow showerheads come in many varieties and often have multiple setting for an enhanced shower experience.