Summer Fitness Tips for the Homebody

Posted: June, 20, 2014 | Categories: Lifestyle

In sunny California, it may feel like summer year-round, but this Saturday, June 21st, summer will have officially arrived!  Along with it an unprecedented era of recreation; with the kids off from school and the parks open for business it's the season of fun in the sun. It's also the dreaded swimsuit season – and everyone's hitting the gym to get their body bikini (or swim trunk) ready.
But is the gym the only place to shed those extra pounds and tone up? We don't think so! McCaffrey homes are designed to inspire and enrich a healthy and active lifestyle without having to go far from home. Here's how:
Outdoor Recreation
It doesn't take more than an adventurous spirit to get outdoors and take full advantage of the beautiful California weather for a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Many McCaffrey communities include neighborhood parks, trails, playgrounds or a community pool.   And that's not all,  with careful selection of community locations, families have easy access to other nearby active features including water parks, golf courses, lakes, state parks,  and more.
Here's a list of the average calories burned per hour of outdoor activity provided by Statistic Brain.
Playing with Kids–236
Roller Skating–413
Fishing–177 Rock


Household Chores
Chores–nobody likes them, but we all have to do them. Motivating yourself to do these boring tasks is tough, but viewing it from a fitness perspective can help. Luckily, McCaffrey homes come with installed front and back yard landscape and new cutting edge appliances and fixtures helping to keep home maintenance efforts to a minimum. As for the rest of your home, life gets messy, but when you get moving the power in is your hands. For a cleaner home and a healthier you take a look at the following common household chores:

Cleaning Gutters–295
Mowing Lawn–325
Raking Lawn–254

All of us at McCaffrey Homes, wish you luck achieving your summer fitness dreams. From your greatest fans, we support you on your way to a healthy and happy swimsuit summer.