Setting the Table for Fall

Posted: October, 25, 2021 | Categories: Home Inspiration

Nothing says “fall is here” quite like a cozy meal at home, set at a beautiful seasonal table. We teamed up with local decor expert, Amy DeGraw of Brown Bunny Flowers, at our Ivy Collection in our Makenna model home at Tesoro Viejo to show you three concepts for your autumn table. Read on to get inspired for entertaining this season, and learn how to get the look in your own home.

An Autumn Table with a Twist

The goal with this tablescape was to create an unconventional fall design incorporating nature with a “handmade and industrial vibe” that beautifully blends old and new. It evokes feelings of fall without utilizing the typical colors of the season, and is easy to replicate for your own table with a few tips and tricks.

Get the Look

  • Think outside the box for your centerpiece, starting with a container that is not your typical vase. Here an old metal library catalog drawer was used.  Amy recommends you browse your local craft store or even thrift shop for a large vessel that catches your eye.
  • Look to fall blooms and branches in muted tones for your arrangement. Keep an eye out for caramel colored roses, olive branches and even plum branches at the flower market or grocery store to mimic her florals.
  • Give the table a bit of an edge with dark gray chargers and cream-colored plates and bowls.
  • Bring out your grandma’s heirlooms. Amy infused some antique touches into the tablescape with vintage stemware and candleholders for added charm.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix metals! Incorporate modern flatware in gold tones to contrast with your candleholders and centerpiece.

Halloween Gone Classic

A Halloween table doesn’t have to include spider webs and spooky accents. Here, Amy created a neutral yet whimsical scheme that the whole family will love, all with items you can shop for at the local craft store.

Get the Look

  • Pick up a burlap table runner from the fabric store as a base for the tablescape.
  • Use spray paint to transform craft paper mache pumpkins with “dusty” shades of black, white, orange and tan, and cluster them together through the center of the table.
  • Create a whimsical centerpiece from a classic plastic “Trick or Treat” bucket. Amy painted this one white and filled it with pampas grass from the flower market.
  • Utilize classic white plates along with simple black and white napkins (an easy find on Amazon), which Amy suggests having “tied in a loose knot to keep the look from getting too formal.”

Giving Thanks with Natural Elements

Hosting Thanksgiving is no easy feat, but this effortless looking design will leave your guests just as impressed with the table as they are the turkey. Set the scene with the tips below.

Get the Look

  • Start with a cream and blue throw blanket in lieu of a traditional tablecloth. This adds texture and sets a welcoming tone. Use a thin blanket so decorations don’t slant or fall, and be sure to choose a throw that just grazes seat cushions so it can’t get caught underfoot.
  • Anchor the look with natural wood candle holders. These are on the larger size, but any holders in similar tones will do the trick.
  • Seasonal flowers in small terracotta pots are easily found at your local nursery, and provide the table with color and more texture.
  • Incorporate seasonal fruits for an added unique touch. Pomegranates, dark purple grapes, pears, and anything else that catches your eye at the market.
  • Use wicker chargers and fun farmhouse-style china to continue the rustic-inspired feel.
  • Add green glasses and modern gold flatware for a final dose of color and sheen.


Amy’s Table Setting Guidelines

Amy has three main goals in creating a great tablescape.

  1. Create an interesting centerpiece that guests can see over. Those gathered around a table are there for fellowship, laughter and to enjoy a wonderful meal - they want to see each other! 
  2. Incorporate both vintage and modern items in your designs to keep things interesting. 
  3. Whenever possible, try to bring in a natural element like leaves, fruits or flowers.

Local Resources

Inner Green

This Fresno business has a great selection of foliage and flowers and is open to the public.

Designer Flower Center

Amy’s go-to local stop for all floral ribbons and gorgeous containers, also open to the public.