Resolve, Recycle, Replenish...Go Green in 2015

Posted: December, 30, 2014 | Categories: Green Living

Thinking of going green in 2015? As you consider your New Year's resolutions, there is no better time to make a change. In fact, it's the perfect time to settle on a new direction that will bring health and prosperity into your life.

Here are a few things that you can do to increase your energy savings and lighten your carbon footprint on this cherished planet of ours.  If you are not sure where you need to trim your energy usage, check out's Ecological Footprint Calculator. This clever tool will open your eyes to changes you can make in the New Year.

With the help of the Earth Day web app, you can take the challenge to reduce your family's energy usage by 20 percent. The app is available through a partnership with and, an energy engagement platform that helps companies and individuals find ways to reduce their energy consumption. The app will help you manage, track and reduce your family's energy use.

And let's not forget the three R's of energy conservation offering quick, easy, no-fuss ways that you can add green living into your list of New Year's resolutions:

  • Resolve - Decide as a family that you will all strive to conserve energy. When exiting a room, turn off the lights. When leaving the house for the day, unplug small appliances. Whenever possible look for ways to eliminate unnecessary trips across town by carpooling with friends or neighbors. Power down computers and all your modern gadgets before bedtime.
  • Recycle - It's one of the quickest ways you can make an impact on the environment, both at home and at large. Gather recyclable materials like plastic and aluminum for collection day. Don't forget e-waste, to include old cell phones, computers, pagers and ink cartridges.
  • Replenish - Plant trees or a thriving garden of vegetables to supply the air with a source of oxygen, and your pantry with the earth's natural goodness.

And if you're looking for a more energy-efficient home, remember McCaffrey Homes' exclusive Earth Sense technology that includes dozens of smart features built into every new home to consume less energy, water and other natural resources.

What are your New Year's resolutions? And how do you plan to Go Green in 2015?  Tell us all about it when you visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.