Red, White & You: Celebrating Home this Fourth of July

Posted: July, 2, 2014 | Categories: Lifestyle

It's one of America's proudest chapters and most celebrated days of the year! So, what do you have planned for this Fourth of July?  The McCaffrey Homes team has always held a fondness for Independence Day.

Our landmark red, white and blue barn -- a favorite of residents and passersby -- was the inspiration of our own Robert McCaffrey, who was moved to paint the barn with stars and stripes in a show of his patriotism and love for this great country.

Likewise, a McCaffrey Home is the perfect place to host your Fourth of July get-together. With gourmet kitchens and spacious great rooms, our residences have been crafted to be a place where families and friends gather to make delicious meals and amazing memories. On this special day when the original Americans claimed loyalty to this land as their new and forever home, it only makes sense that you would want to celebrate living the American dream in your McCaffrey Home. So, have some fun and add some sparkle to your holiday event with the following unique ideas:

  • Spice up your BBQ menu with Senate Soup. The ham and bean concoction has been served in the U.S. Senate's restaurant every day for over 100 years.
  •  Add some color to your décor with red, white and blue carnation stems or potted posies for a fresh and colorful addition to your patriotic party. And you can't have too many flags, so set the kids to work on coloring up some grand creations.
  • Turn up the music and get ready to party. “America the Beautiful,€? anyone? How about some good, old “Yankee Doodle Dandy?€? Assemble a list of your favorite patriotic melodies and then let the soundtrack get your guests in the mood for some fun.
  • Decorate bicycles, tricycles and wagons with red, white and blue balloons, streamers and glitter for the kids' very own Fourth of July parade. Bubbles and silly string are optional.
  • Print and then scroll small copies of the Declaration of Independence. Seal the deal with some swirly ribbon and send it home with quests as party favor, along with the day's leftovers.

Tell us about your favorite Fourth of July traditions. We'd love to hear all about them.

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From our family to yours...Happy Fourth and may God bless this great nation of ours!