Organizing Your Home With a Drop Zone

Posted: November, 9, 2017 | Categories: Home Inspiration | Lifestyle

One of the most challenging spots to keep tidy in your home is the area where you enter, as it becomes the catch-all for everything you set down when you arrive. For this reason, many of our new homes today feature a “drop zone” to help you organize things like your purse, phone, coat, etc. to avoid instant clutter.  

Here are some ideas to help create a drop zone in your home that looks organized and like a regular part of your décor:

  • Find Your Space – An entry hall from your garage or front door are smart spaces to create a designated spot in your home for a drop zone that will organize your family.
  • Add Wall Hooks – Hooks on the wall can be the perfect place to hang your bag, jacket, or hat without cluttering up the counter. Install deep hooks so large purses with bulky straps and school backpacks can hang easily. 
  • Hidden Storage – Adding upper or lower cabinets will expand your storage and hide messy and out-of-season items like umbrellas, mittens, swim goggles, and sunscreen. Shelves or cubbies with baskets can be a great alternative to cabinets when working with a smaller space or budget.
  • Bench It – If you don’t have a bench near your entry door, consider adding one so you can sit while taking off your shoes when you come and go. Shoes don’t have to be on the floor either – having a “shoe tray” on the bench works nicely for wet boots, umbrellas, etc.  
  • Add Baskets  – If your bench doesn’t have cabinets underneath, put stylish baskets under the bench for shoe storage. They’re also a great storage option for sports gear that can be easily carried to and from the car.
  • Use Trays – Put a couple of decorative trays on a countertop and label them “His” and “Hers” or whatever you like. They’ll be the perfect place to put things like purses, sunglasses, keys, and phones when you come in the door. Trays can be a great option for a mail station – or items you don’t want to forget to take with you on your way out.
  • Decorate Your Drop Zone – Make this area another stylish part of your house by hanging artwork, a mirror, or seasonal wreaths. To help finish off the look, add throw pillows on the bench or a rug underneath.
  • Re-evaluate – At least once a month, look over your drop zone and if you notice items that have been lingering there without being used, move them into a closet. 

Having a dedicated and organized space for all your temporary items that come and go is easily achievable. A hook for keys, a bowl for change, a bin for mail, and a basket for shoes can make your day go a little bit smoother – and will give you the look of a stylish and well-organized home that’s easy to maintain.

For inspiration on drop zones, visit our Ivy and Santerra model homes at the Riverstone community located at Highway 41 and Avenue 12, just five minutes north of River Park Shopping Center.

Ivy at Riverstone Residence Three. This mud room space features upper and lower cabinets, a trio of hooks for hats and totes, and a bench tray for wet boots.


The Carnelian Model from our Gallery Collection, had a drop zone by the garage entry. Here simple trays allow for sorting items as you come in the door.