Organizing Holiday Decorations

Posted: January, 5, 2022 | Categories: Lifestyle

January often involves creating resolutions for the months ahead, getting back into routines after seasonal festivities, and of course, putting away holiday decorations. Maximizing space, creating a system, and keeping everything organized for next year can be extremely helpful as you take on this task. It may seem daunting at first, but we’ve asked local organization expert Brenda McElroy of Organized by Choice for her top tips on storing your holiday home decor to help you streamline the process.

1. Create an inventory list of holiday decorations.

This can be a list written on notebook paper, a document on your computer, or even just a running note in your phone. An inventory list will not only help you remember what you have, it is also a place to keep information about each piece. If you decide to pass pieces down to family members, they’ll have a detailed record of what’s there and what the stories are behind each decoration.

2. Take pictures.

Snap photos of each area you’ve decorated so you can easily recreate the same look the following year without reinventing the wheel. You can either print the photo and store it with the corresponding decor, or add a caption or tag in your phone to easily search it digitally.

3. Purge when needed.

Many people keep holiday decorations that they no longer use, taking up valuable space. Discard decorations that are no longer useful, decide which items should be donated, and which you’d like to keep. It’s a good idea to go through this process every few years as your taste changes.

4. Swap out the dishes.

It’s a good idea to keep Christmas dishes in the kitchen, but try and choose a fairly inaccessible place to store them throughout the year, like a high upper cabinet or bin in the pantry. Then, when you’re getting your home ready for the holidays, swap out your Christmas dishes for your everyday china so you can maximize their use.

5. Store decor systematically.

When you’re taking things down and packing them up, have a system to streamline this task. Pack things in bins or containers according to how they’re typically displayed, and keep them all in one location. From there, label the bins so you know which items go where and include the inventory list of its contents.

While it’s tempting to use cardboard boxes, they aren’t reliable or efficient. Using storage containers that are specifically designed for holiday items are a great way to keep things preserved during the rest of the year. We’ve linked a few of Brenda’s favorite products below!

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These basic tips on storing your holiday decorations will help save you time for each holiday season.