Meet Joshua Medeiros: The First McCaffrey-Knowlton Scholarship Recipient

Posted: June, 25, 2017 | Categories: Experience McCaffrey

We’re excited to announce that McCaffrey Homes has just awarded its first McCaffrey-Knowlton scholarship to Fresno State student Joshua Medeiros.  The $5,000 scholarship is for students in Fresno State’s Department of Geography and City & Regional Planning.  The annual scholarship supports students pursuing careers in this field that has a direct effect on the quality of life in our area.

We thought you’d like a closer look at our scholarship recipient who hopes to someday be a professional planner in the Central Valley!

Tell us about your background.

I was born and raised in Tulare, California.  I just turned 23 years old, and I am the youngest of three children.  I am starting my senior year at Fresno State and will graduate in May of 2018. 

My heart has always been to attend Fresno State.  Living in the Central Valley all my life, I always heard of Fresno State, which offers some of the best majors in California.  When I first spoke with an academic counselor, we talked about the Geography Department and what they offer and I knew this was where I wanted to be.

What does this scholarship mean to you?

It helps out tremendously and allows me to be more flexible with my expenses for tuition, housing, and food.  I would like to do urban or environmental planning once I graduate so I’m very grateful for this scholarship.  I want to become a person who gives back to their community and is a positive influence. 

What made you interested in urban and environmental planning?

The love of seeing things being built.  When we moved, there were only three houses on our street.  I watched our neighborhood develop one house at a time and actually grow into an entire neighborhood before my eyes.  This fascinated me and peaked my interest in urban planning.  I want to help develop plans that will conserve and protect our environment.  I like the idea of creating green communities.

What do you enjoy most about the city and regional planning program?

The fact that I can learn about planning here in the Central Valley from professors who work and live here in Fresno.  Our professors engage us in discussions as a class on how we can develop different types of communities here in the Central Valley, in California, and globally.

What do you think the main challenge is for planners in California?

Growth.  Traffic and parking are becoming congested.  Schools are impacted.  The drought and water shortage also cause a concern for planners.

What’s your personal philosophy on city and regional planning?

I think that all people should be able to live in a comfortable home in a safe environment.  I care about the quality of life for everyone.  I also believe in conserving our environment and green community planning.  I feel that planners should create safe public transportation and sustain our cities we live in. 

How would your friends describe you?

Quiet but friendly.  Someone who has a lot of questions and loves to engage in great conversations.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Order a large pepperoni pizza and hang out with friends.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

That I am a Geography major.  Everyone is so surprised when I tell them my major.  The response back is always, “Geography!!  What are you going to do with that?”  

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?

In 20 years, I see myself raising a family in the Central Valley and working as a professional planner in city or urban development.