McCaffrey Homes' Thankful Hearts

Posted: November, 25, 2014 | Categories: Experience McCaffrey

It's that time of year for thankful hearts to remember all of their many blessings.  At McCaffrey Homes we're thankful for our family, friends, health, and work. We're also grateful for our extended family of colleagues, homeowners, and team members.

We would like to share with you what some of our team members are thankful for this holiday season, and invite you to do the same in the comments below.

  • From Tina Akin, Community Representative ~ I am thankful for the baby boy that is soon to be in my life! The new experiences I have daily that are all about him and the ones yet to come. I am also thankful for the people I continue to meet through what I do. Some have remained a part of my life years after they have closed escrow.
  • From Ryan Pottorff, Community Representative ~ I'm thankful for many blessings I have in my life, including a wonderful family. I'm blessed to provide them stability and to give them the opportunity to do things they enjoy. I am grateful for the families that I get to meet in my industry and to be part of one of the biggest investments of their lives. I'm proud to be part of such a great team.
  • From Jill Castanon, Assistant Controller ~ I am thankful the Giants won the World Series! I am thankful for my loving and supportive husband and being able to purchase a home on my own. I love my little house. I am thankful for my family and for having a job that I enjoy.
  • From Brandon Smith, Construction Superintendent ~ I am thankful that my two daughters, Dahlia and Violet, are happy and healthy children.
  • From Shelly Hogan, VP Sales ~ As each year goes by and my mom ages, I am thankful for her good health.
  • From Brent McCaffrey, President ~ I am forever thankful to my wife, children and family, who love me unconditionally and are always there for me. I am thankful for our homeowners who place their trust in McCaffrey Homes. I am thankful for my colleagues - it is my privilege to work with them every day.
  • From Jill Palacios, Assistant Loan Processor ~ I am thankful to God for all of the love, mercy and grace that He has shown in my life.  He has blessed me with a wonderful husband and three girls who are the light of my life. I am thankful for our great friends. We share in the joys and sorrows of each other's families and these people have brought such laughter to our lives.
  • From Courtney Harms, Design Consultant ~ I'm grateful for God's love, health, family, friends, a wonderful job, freedom and Nature's beauty.
  • From Sheryl O'Neal, Community Representative ~ I'm thankful for my loving family, along with my friends. I am thankful to work in an environment that supports my belief in the American Dream of homeownership. I work in an incredible setting surrounded by beautifully decorated homes with gorgeous landscaped yards. I get to interact with people who either want to explore purchasing a home or just walk through and appreciate the same beauty that I do.
  • From Ash Knowlton, VP Construction~ I'm grateful for our homeowners, homebuyers, trades, vendors, colleagues and our caring and dedicated team for making it possible to provide the American Dream of homeownership. I am thankful for my entire family, especially my loving wife and our two healthy, beautiful daughters.
  • From Janice Tognotti, Community Representative ~ I am grateful for my family, friends and little furry friends, who mean the world to me. I am also grateful to our men and women in uniform that protect us and give us this great country that we live in.
  • From Cheryl Silva, Loan Consultant ~ I am thankful for my daughter Christy who graduated from nursing school, obtained her license and secured an excellent position as a scrub nurse for DaVita Nephrology group in Fresno. She also became engaged to a wonderful man who is not only a terrific partner to her, but a fantastic father to my grandson.
  • From Missi Lucente, Executive Vice President ~  am thankful for the father of my children. Without him, I would have nothing. I am also thankful for my mother. She is my rock, my sounding board and my best friend.

Thank you for reading and sharing in our stories. We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and many more blessings in the coming year!