Keep Cool with Some of the Hottest Design Trends

Posted: August, 5, 2014 | Categories: Home Inspiration

It's the icing on the cake and the cherry on top - once you have secured the McCaffrey Home of your dreams, the decorating fun begins. But, where do you start?

Furnishings? Flooring? Fabrics or paint? The answer is easy - look for what's hot and happening right now. Because we know how much you love your new home, McCaffrey Homes has done some of the homework for you. Check out the latest and greatest in home design trends, courtesy of our award-winning design firm CDC Designs:

Luminous Hues
Nothing speaks to a home's personality like color. Some of the most popular hues to brighten homes these days are muted beige, blue and teal tones. The use of varied shades and textures on the floor, walls, furnishings and accessories can heighten the drama and highlight some of the room's best features.

Shining Outdoors
McCaffrey Homes loves the exterior features of our residences just as much as we love our homes' specially-appointed interiors. That's because al fresco dining - and living - are all the rage in the sun-splashed Central San Joaquin Valley. Plush seating, lighting and entertainment features offer residents options for bringing the indoors to the great outdoors for fresh air and an inspired approach to life.

Gleaming Quartz
Are the days of granite countertops a thing of the past? Maybe not. But, Quartz, an engineered stone known for its sleek, super-resilient surface, has many home décor  professionals scurrying for this new look. A healthy palette of diverse colors options will seal the deal.

Radiant Lighting
McCaffrey Homes is committed to green living and there are plenty of lighting options that allow homeowners to save with energy efficient bulbs, but splurge on tinted glass shades, shiny bases and glittering pendant accessories to add sparkle to a room and squeeze out every bit of light possible.

Dazzling Great Rooms
Homebuyers still love those huge spaces designed for cooking, entertaining and celebrating family life. Design trends for maximizing the greatness of this special room include blending kitchen appliance and furnishings with the use of similar colors, finishes and textures for a broad and expansive look that is seamless.

Bright Days Ahead
McCaffrey Homes has already taken care of one of the most popular and important home design trends to make their mark this year - energy efficiency. Not only are the financial savings of solar panels, time-sensored lighting and energy efficient appliances desirable to homeowners, but they look great and contribute to the health and well-being of our planet.

What home design trends do you plan to incorporate into your new McCaffrey Home? Tell us all about it when you visit us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter,LinkedIn, YouTube, Houzz and Pinterest.

Teal hues accented with gleaming cool accessories light up the Den at The Gallery.

The comfortable seating, table and shade accommodations of the Chelsea Plan’s patio make outdoor living possible.

Quartz countertops make a seamless presentation for gourmet diners at the Greenwich kitchen at The Heights.

The Heights Chelsea Great Room features a muted beige palette with pops of vibrant color throughout.