How to Spruce Up Your Home with Succulents

Posted: June, 1, 2017 | Categories: Home Inspiration

If you’ve toured McCaffrey Homes’ new Ivy and Santerra model homes at Riverstone, you may have noticed the different succulent plants on display.  Succulents are hearty and versatile plants that store water in their leaves and thrive in sunny areas with little maintenance.  Known for their easy care, they add color and beauty to a home without needing much water.  They can be used for ground cover in a garden or in planted containers, terrariums, and centerpieces.

One of the most popular decorating trends for new homes today, succulents are a fun way to complement your décor while bringing a beautiful touch of nature into the home. Also consider faux succulent plants as a realistic alternative with no maintenance required.  Here are some tips on different ways to use succulents to brighten up your new home:

  • Go for variety – Combining succulents with varied heights, color shades, and texture in the same pot will create depth for greater visual interest.

  • Keep it simple – For a clean and modern look, group the same basic type of succulent together.

  • Use them as accents – Succulents as accent pieces don’t have to blend.   For example, you can display them with a bowl of lemons for an added pop of color.

  • Display them as a centerpiece – Just like bouquets or floral centerpieces, succulents are a great way to decorate a tabletop.  Try putting succulents in common everyday items, like a galvanized pail and tray, to create a budget-friendly centerpiece.  A succulent spilling over the top of the pail can create the effect of lush greenery.

  • Put them in terrariums – Succulents grown in terrariums make a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Adding moss to the base of your succulents can provide additional texture and color, plus a few small seashells can also add extra appeal.  Consider hanging a terrarium for an elegant and impressive look.

  • Think outside the box – For example, an item like a vintage balance scale, was not intended to hold succulents, yet provides a lovely look for them.  Consider using succulents in lanterns, instead of candles. An empty cigar box or chemistry beaker also makes for a fun succulent planter.

  • Hang them in birdcages – Succulents spilling out of a vintage birdcage makes a charming display. Try hanging several in your garden for a delightful arrangement that’s easy to admire.

  • Plant them in driftwood – Pieces of driftwood with succulents popping out of them are a great addition to your garden or even a living room shelf.  Driftwood planters with succulents also make beautiful centerpieces. 

  • Display them in teacups – Take a brightly colored teacup with saucer, fill it with decorative stones, and cut faux succulents to size to display in the cup.  It’s a fun decoration to display on a kitchen windowsill or countertop.

  • Use them in big planters – Succulents work as a great base to cover soil for larger houseplants in planters and provide a more appealing look for your plants.

  • Make them into wreaths – The holidays aren’t the only time to hang a pretty wreath on your door.  Use different types and colors of succulents to make a fun wreath that can be displayed on your door any time of year.

  • Try a fountain of succulents – A fountain in your yard doesn’t have to hold just water.  It can also make a great planter for succulents of all shapes and sizes for a delightful display.

To see some of these succulent décor ideas firsthand, visit our Ivy and Santerra model homes at the Riverstone community located at Highway 41 and Avenue 12. 

Succulents can have so much personality and add a charming touch to your home.  They’re an easy way to freshen up your décor and with their various textures, colors, blossoms, and shapes, you can have a lot of fun bringing out your artistic side.  

Try adding a few succulent displays around your home, and you’ll not only be in on the latest trend, but you’re sure to get complements about them as well.