How to Maximize Your Flexible Living Space

Posted: September, 15, 2015 | Categories: Home Inspiration

An extra room in your home is never a bad thing; however it can become a waste of space if it isn't functional for your family's lifestyle. Whether it's a tech room, loft, den, bonus room or a spare bedroom, there are many ways to customize your space so that it best suits your family's needs and the way you live.

Consider your family's hobbies and the way you use your home currently. Do you wish you had more space for crafting and storing supplies? Maybe a homework area separate from your great room? Or perhaps a sports or gaming room away from the main living room?

Many new McCaffrey Homes include flexible living spaces, such as tech rooms and dens, which can be used in a variety of ways to meet your family's needs:

Game Time If someone in your home is a sports fan, there's a good chance your main TV is dominated by games or ESPN. Why not create a space dedicated to watching sports or playing video games? Take it a step beyond a media room by decorating with your team's favorite colors and using memorabilia on the walls or shelves. It will be a great place to cheer on your favorite teams.  

The Perfect Playroom Anyone with children knows how quickly toys can take over a bedroom or living room. By dedicating a space for play, it provides a place where toys can stay and be stored. Use shelving and baskets to organize toys and consider including larger playsets in the design of your playroom.

Homework Station It can be difficult to get some children to focus on getting their homework done, especially when they're surrounded by other activities in your main living space. Create an inviting homework area with comfortable seating and interesting colors and patterns to keep your child engaged. This is a great place for them to store backpacks, educational toys and books.

Fitness Room Having your workout equipment in a space where it's easily accessible is key to having a home gym that actually gets used. If cardio and weight lifting isn't your thing, consider a yoga studio or aerobics room where you can move along to your favorite workout video. Try to incorporate warm colors and textures into your fitness room to keep it from feeling too cold.

Crafting Paradise With DIY all the rage, crafting spaces are becoming more and more popular. Imagine a space where you can store and organize all your supplies and even leave out crafts in progress. Be sure to incorporate a large table or desk into your design so you'll have plenty of room to spread out your projects.    

With a little imagination, your flexible living space can be made into an area that truly serves a purpose for your family. From playtime to yoga, the possibilities are endless. We'd love to see how you're using the flexible living space in your McCaffrey Home. Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.