How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Posted: June, 29, 2016 | Categories: Home Inspiration

At McCaffrey Homes, we're pet lovers like many of you, in fact, 65 percent of all American homes have at least one pet, according to the latest National Pet Owners Survey.  Whether you've lived with four-legged friends for years or are adding a new one to your family, consider these tips for a more pet-friendly home:

  • Create a pet area.  Just like people, animals crave privacy sometimes.  Make a spot that's just for your pet such as a doghouse or cozy corner in a room with their bed and toys.  If pet beds are eyesores to you, consider remodeling a closet into a pet room.  You can install a pet door in the closet door or remove the door completely.  Put your pet's bed inside along with toys, food and water dishes, and your pet will really have a room of their own.
  • Provide exercise and play areas.  Have a shaded area in your yard for pets - plus in the summer, water-loving dogs will enjoy cooling off in a splash zone.  If there's not enough space in your backyard for them to run, find nearby trails and pet-friendly parks.  For indoor cats, ensure there are safe vertical spaces for them to jump such as a windowsill, set of empty shelves, or a cat tree.
  • Check your plants.  Make sure your indoor and backyard plants are pet safe.  Lilies can cause kidney failure in cats when ingested.  Other common plants that are toxic to pets include poinsettias, mums, azaleas, daffodils, amaryllis, and aloe vera.
  • Pet-proof your home.  Just as you would childproof a house for a toddler, check for potential hazards for your pets.  Cover wires and make sure window treatment cords don't contain loops or dangle where pets can get to them.
  • Store chemical products. It may seem obvious to keep cleaning and chemical products in cabinets away from pets, but be particularly careful about antifreeze, which has an appealing smell and taste to both dogs and cats. Pets can be poisoned by as little as a drop of antifreeze, and every year about 10,000 pets die from antifreeze poisoning. Use it carefully and clean up any spills or drips immediately.
  • Protect furniture.  If your dog would rather chew on a chair leg than his toy, bitter apple spray is a great deterrent and is available in pet stores.  Spray it on furniture legs, baseboards, or whatever else your dog is going after.  If you reapply it every day for two to four weeks, your dog will no longer bother with the object. For cats, a cat-scratching post will discourage clawing on furniture and drapes.
  • Help older pets.  Just like people, when pets get older, stiff joints and arthritis can set in. If you have an older pet and stairs, consider adding a pet ramp to make it easier for them.  A recessed shelf can be used to raise food and water dishes off the floor, also allowing for easier access for aging animals.

Making your home pet friendly is a good way to keep your pets healthy and happy. And when you do, you may find that your furry friends feel even more at home!

Extra space under the stairs is another great location for a pet space. We made a “Doghouse” for Liberty using the under stairs storage space at our Windsor Model Home at Liberty Square.

This doghouse and grassy running space shown at our Tribeca Model Home at Liberty Square is perfect for the small to medium sized dog. Bigger dogs will probably need more room to run, be sure to find nearby walking trails or a dog friendly park.

Another great space for pets – the laundry room.