Home is Where a Healthy Heart is

Posted: February, 23, 2018 | Categories: Lifestyle

February is officially Heart Health Month – a time to remember what we eat and how we live can have a powerful impact on our own health. And because we want our families to be the healthiest they can be in a new McCaffrey Home, we have equipped all of our kitchens and homes with everything you need to create heart-healthy meals and a spirit of wellbeing.

State-of-the-art appliances allow plenty of options for adventurous cooks to experiment with new and delicious healthy food options for the family. Generous pantries and ample cabinet space offers plenty of room for all your cooking necessities, including spices and other fun items that add wholesome flavor to a meal. And there is more than enough room on our spacious, gleaming countertops to grow a little potted herb garden with the help of windows that welcome the sunshine.

Spacious kitchen islands provide seating and make mealtime a family affair, inviting good, old-fashioned conversation over breakfast, lunch and dinner. The time spent together promotes wellness of heart and mind, as kids and parents disengage from the outside world and reconnect inside the warmth and safety of their beautiful new home.

And of course, all of our great room and dining areas blend seamlessly, providing welcoming spaces where friends and family can gather to celebrate birthdays or settle in for a night of movies, popcorn and Monopoly.

Achieve your best health and happiness in a new McCaffrey Home today!