Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours

Posted: November, 20, 2020 | Categories: Experience McCaffrey

From our family at McCaffrey Homes to yours, we extend our sincere wishes for a happy Thanksgiving holiday.  Now, more than ever, we can all be grateful for our homes that provide a safe, healthy place where we find joy and happiness.

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the things for which we are grateful.  This past year has presented unique challenges, requiring us to make significant shifts in how we live and interact. 

Home matters now more than ever, as we have turned to our homes to do more.  Whether you have moved your office to your home, created a home gym, or dedicated “school” space for your children to participate in distance learning, or all of the above – it is our sincere hope that your home provided you comfort and support during this challenging time.

Nothing is more gratifying than walking a new homeowner through their home for the first time.  We are grateful for the opportunity to build homes that last a lifetime and help families thrive.  And we are grateful for a team at McCaffrey Homes who share this same passion.

Building homes and healthy communities took on a whole new meaning for us this past year.  We always knew the importance of home and its impact on health and wellness.  From flexible spaces to accommodate the new demands of our lives to healthy sustainable communities, McCaffrey Homes is grateful for the opportunity to do this important work.

May you enjoy the warmth and comfort of this Thanksgiving holiday. 

With gratitude,

Brent McCaffrey and Ash Knowlton