Green Building from the Ground Up

Posted: March, 12, 2015 | Categories: Green Living

Green building is a practical response to a variety of issues that affect all of us – like increasing energy prices and waning natural resources.  It is a whole-system design approach that covers every step of design and construction from land use and site planning to materials selection, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

That said, the McCaffrey Homes team is so proud to have its green building efforts showcased in GreenHomeBuilder Magazine. Featuring our Heights on Copper community in the all-American city of Fresno, California, McCaffrey Homes has managed to achieve a balance between the tenets of homebuilding and a green future with its own ground-breaking efforts.

The homes in this thriving McCaffrey Homes community, featured in the article, are a model for the green building movement with solar electric power systems, high-efficiency drip irrigation systems with moisture control sensors that reduce water usage, drought resistant landscaping, higher efficiency insulation, an insulated stucco system, tankless water heaters and much more.

“Our Homeowners are constantly remarking on how energy efficient their homes are and how it has made a difference to not just their bills, but also their lives," said Shelly Hogan, Vice President of Sales for McCaffrey Homes. “Hearing McCaffrey Homeowners tell us how excited they are about the savings on their utilities each month is very rewarding to our entire team."

It's all about what we like to refer to as McCaffrey Earth Sense–an innovative whole-house system approach.  This program embraces smart environmental solutions from the ground up.  McCaffrey homes are designed, constructed, and operated utilizing cutting edge technology and energy-saving, resource conserving features, so you are assured of a healthier, more comfortable, energy efficient home.  All of this adds up to a broad and positive impact on the world.

Conserving energy, water, and other natural resources is achieved with the use of smart building practices like recycling construction waste, utilizing renewable or reclaimed materials such as recycled tiles and engineered wood, and hydra-zone landscape designs that group plants by their water needs.  Furthering the efforts are numerous resource conserving features including ENERGY STAR appliances, WaterSense labeled bath fixtures, radiant roof barriers, and ENERGY STAR dual paned, high performance windows.  And it doesn't end there, built-in kitchen recycle centers make it easy for homeowners to conserve.

A healthier living environment is achieved by improving air quality through the use of advanced heating and air conditioning systems and filters, low VOC paint and formaldehyde-free insulation. And livable neighborhoods are made possible with amenities like walking trails and open space parks that encourage outdoor fun and activity.

McCaffrey Homes understands that green building and living green goes far beyond a trend; it's an unwavering commitment to our families, our communities and our planet. So, we're proud to be a vital part of this movement thanks to our dedicated architects, engineers, designers and construction teams.

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The McCaffrey Homes team is proud to have its green building efforts showcased in GreenHomeBuilder Magazine. Featuring our Heights on Copper community in Fresno, California.