Easing the Summer to School Transition

Posted: August, 21, 2014 | Categories: Lifestyle

The most wonderful time of the year is nearing - football and the holidays, cooler nights, and, yes, the kids are soon heading back to school. Homeowners within the McCaffrey Homes communities are resting easy, knowing that they will hand their children off to some of the best schools and educators in the state. Still, as parents we want to do everything we can to help ease the transition from the lazy days of summer to the classroom where it's time to hit the books. Are you surprised to learn that there's an app for that?

Check out the following fun apps that will give kids and their parents a leg up this school year:

gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests This clever app by gWhiz, LLC is free and gives students a hi-tech option for studying. Kids simply create their own flashcards for whatever exam they must prepare for. Brushing up on facts and figures for a big test is as simple as a quick download.

iTunes U This free app by Apple boasts over 600,000 books, courses and lectures, allowing students to tap into a trove of information with just the click of a button.

myHomework Student Planner Don't miss this free planner app that helps kids keep track of their homework, projects, grades, to-do lists and teacher information for an easy look at your classroom status.

30/30 For kids with time management issues this free app developed by Binary Hammer allows students to manage their tasks in set amounts of time. Need 15 minutes for your Math homework? Set the timer. It's a great way stay on top of your schoolwork.

Luminos For those students with their eyes trained to the stars, there is Luminos, developed by Wobbleworks, LLC. Priced at $6.99, the night sky comes to life and delivers 3D renderings of the moon, planets and constellations straight to your iPad.

Graphing Calculator HD Most parents report that their students' Math has passed them by. This $1.99 app by Appclyon, LLC helps young Math whizzes to graph functions, find exact coordinates of minimums, maximums, and roots of equations, compatible with logarithms and trig function.

SAT Vocab Return to school with this free, confidence-building app that prepares students for the types of vocabulary words they will find on the college entrance exam. Be sure to let us know about your child's first day at school.

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