6 Steps to Garden with Easy-to-Maintain Succulents

Posted: April, 9, 2015 | Categories: Home Inspiration

Best known for durability and drought-tolerant sturdiness, low-maintenance succulent plants also boast a variety of beautiful hues, shapes and blooming surprises. From the vibrant pink flower of the Christmas cactus to the rich green leaves of jade, succulents add beautiful rich texture to any indoor or outdoor garden.

Growing succulents is simple and can be quite rewarding. With sufficient sunlight, adequate soil and proper watering, succulents can thrive with very little maintenance. Just follow these six simple steps to begin adding succulents to your garden today:

  1. Select your plants and have fun with the unique sizes, shapes and textures. If you're a novice, begin with succulents that are foolproof like agave, aloe, sedum and echeveria.
  2. Choose a partially sunny location and plot the space you want to fill. Succulents do best in bright, but indirect sunlight so find a location with some shade.
  3. Check the soil conditions and drainage by digging a hole at least one foot deep and filling it with water. If the water drains within a half hour, the soil is sufficiently porous. If not, try mixing in 3 inches of sand or other gritty material to increase the texture and improve drainage.
  4. Plant taller succulents in the center and spread others along the edges or among larger plants to create a textured look with varying heights.
  5. Top the area with a layer of pebbles or rocks to act as mulch. This will help prevent weeds and conserve moisture.
  6. Maintain your succulents by watering every few days or once a week at the base of the plants. Watch for pests and combat them with sprays of water and horticultural soap spray.

Now, sit back and enjoy your beautiful succulents as they grow and prosper for years to come. Continue building your garden by removing offsets, or pups, and propagating them in pots to use in other areas.

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