6 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted: May, 15, 2015 | Categories: Home Inspiration

Outdoor living space is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to increase the living space of your home.  By creating a welcoming outdoor space that you'll love to be in, you may find yourself spending more time relaxing and entertaining al fresco. McCaffrey Homes has gathered these six decor tips to help you make your outdoor living space more inviting: 

  1. Outdoor rugs help define your outdoor living space by creating boundaries. Use rugs to add color or patterns to your patio, creating a cozy retreat where you can enjoy the fresh air and being outside.
  2. Accent pillows can also serve as a great way to bring color, patterns and comfort to your outdoor living space. The right display of pillows can create the perfect scene for any occasion, whether it's for comfort while reading a book or for décor while enjoying a meal outside.
  3. A fire pit serves as a great focal point of the backyard. It's perfect for bringing people together and entertaining, as well as adding warmth on a chilly evening. Your guests can enjoy roasting marshmallows, making s'mores and telling stories around your fire pit.
  4. Lighting is a great way to set the mood for your outdoor living space. Hanging bistro lights can create a romantic environment, while colorful themed lights can be great for parties or summer barbecues.
  5. Outdoor hanging decor can help provide privacy and enclose your space by separating your yard from your neighbor's. It's also the perfect opportunity to accessorize your yard using items like durable mirrors or waterproof wall décor, which will help add character and style along a fence or exterior wall.
  6. Potted plants and trees are an easy way to incorporate greenery into your outdoor living space. Citrus and olive trees look beautiful and are easy to maintain, while filling empty corners and creating privacy. Choose pots in a variety of shades and textures to complement your outdoor decor.

Many stores offer a broad selection of these outdoor decor items so finding options shouldn't be a problem. Have fun with it and be sure to incorporate your own personal style into your outdoor living space. Before you know it, your patio will feel like another room in your home.

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Rugs and accent pillows add warmth, texture and personality to your outdoor living space, as shown at the Jadestone model at The Gallery in Clovis.

A fire pit serves as a great backyard centerpiece, as shown in the backyard of the Hunter model at The Gallery in Clovis

Accessorize with mirrors as shown at the Tribeca Model at The Heights at Loma Vista.