10 Tips for Living a Clean, Energy-Efficient Life

Posted: June, 16, 2014 | Categories: Green Living

Because we realize it's important that we use our resources wisely, McCaffrey Homes is continually looking for ways to boost our homes' efficiencies, making it easier for you to live green.  In fact, our energy efficient home features are noted time and again by our homebuyers as among the most appealing qualities of owning a McCaffrey Home.

“My favorite energy efficient feature of my home…has to be the solar energy panels, because they have made such a huge difference in my electric bill," said new homeowner Kathy King.

The solar panels, which are included in many of our communities, are just one example of the kinds of “green" conveniences available in a new McCaffrey Home.   Tankless water heaters save energy by heating water only when needed, dual-pane windows keep the heat and cold weather out, and smart lighting sensors allow residents to easily manage their electricity usage.   You don't have to own a new home, in order to live more efficiently. Everyone can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint, consider these additional green-friendly tips for cleaner, healthier living:

  1. Install compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) in your table lamps to save energy and money.
  2. Unplug any appliances and electronic devices that still glow when not in use - this includes your television, cell phone charger and printer.
  3. Consider growing a garden of fresh herbs and vegetables for a healthy approach to food and fun.
  4. Repair dripping faucets or running toilets immediately to stem waste and the flow of charges to your water bill.
  5. Plant drought-resistant shrubs and flowers for a water-wise landscape.
  6. Refrain from running dishes through the dishwasher or clothes through the washer until you have a full load.
  7. Choose your new appliances wisely by purchasing only those items that carry the Energy Star logo.
  8. Curb your consumption by regularly evaluating your home and energy needs. For example, during summer you may not require the use of lamps until late into the evening.
  9. Reduce your use of plastic bags and other items that clutter up landfills for years to come.
  10. Recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass as well as all electronic and household items that can be re-fashioned and used for the future.

McCaffrey Homes believes together we can contribute to the health and care of this amazing home we call Earth.  

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