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For over 40 years McCaffrey Homes has been committed to providing your family with the highest quality home for years to come. Our commitment to you doesn't end when you move into to your home. We take pride in providing a complete home ownership experience. So when you make the move to your new McCaffrey home, you can rest assured that our community of professionals will be there for you.


Customer Care FAQs

First determine if this is an emergency, or non-emergency issue.

The following conditions are considered emergency response issues by our subcontractor/trade partners:
*Total loss of electricity
*Total loss of water
*Plumbing leak that requires the water supply to be shut off to the home
*Gas leak – Contact PG & E immediately!
*Total loss of air conditioning
*Total loss of heat
*Fire Sprinklers

If you are experiencing one of the above emergencies, please contact the appropriate trade contractors or public utility companies directly. Click here to access your homeowner portal and emergency contact information.
If your home issue, is a non-emergency, please determine whether it is an item covered under your McCaffrey Homes Limited Warranty, CA Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, and SB 800 Pamphlet, given to you at the time of contract in your Homeowner’s Portal. Click here to access this information in your online Homeowner Portal.

Please refer to your Homeowner portal and review the following items given to you at time of contract.
* Limited Warranty
* SB 800 Pamphlet
* CA Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

Submit your item(s) online on our Service Request form located under our Homeowners tab. Once we receive your form, we will contact you within three business days. After it’s been determined that you have a warrantable service item, we will forward your work order to the appropriate subcontractor who will contact you directly to schedule your service appointment.
No. We require at least one homeowner to be present at all service appointments and to sign off on the work that has been completed. The failure to do so will result in an assumed acceptance and homeowner relinquishes the right to request additional warranty work on that defect.
No. Any work or improvements done to your home outside of your contract and after your close of escrow, are not covered by your Limited Warranty with McCaffrey Homes. Please contact the vendor/subcontractor who provided this work for you directly. Please note that the warranty on your home for any work or improvements done after the close of escrow, and not through the Limited Warranty process, becomes null and void for the subcontractor in issue. For example, if you decide to change your flooring materials, your warranty becomes null and void with our flooring subcontractor. Another example, if you do not contact us for a repair and contact a subcontractor, not associated with McCaffrey Homes, on your own to repair an item in your home, this too would nullify your warranty with McCaffrey Homes.
All installed appliances with your McCaffrey home have a warranty period direct from the appliance manufacturer. There is no need to submit an online Service Request form, but rather you should contact the applicable appliance manufacturer directly.